You're working with someone who loves Chinese Medicine and hopes you experience the beauty of it as well!

I make sure all my patients feel welcome, informed, and taken care of. I take pride in being responsive in a timely manner and try my best to assist my patients in their healing process. My goal is to help bring you back to optimal health while providing you with the tools to further your own self-care.  

I provide a free initial consultation for those new to Chinese Medicine or new to Hakimi Medicine. This consultation is an opportunity to ask questions regarding Chinese Medicine and for me to determine if Chinese Medicine has the tools to assist you. I will do my best to outline a treatment plan and what you can expect regarding a treatment timeline. 

In my quest to create a practice that is accessible, I have created a fee structure that I believe reflects that ethic. I offer a 35 percent discount on services (acupuncture and herbal consultations) to those making below 30k per year. Please let me know if you are prevented from treatment due to lack of funds.      



  • Basic Initial Consultation - Free
  • Chinese Medicine Treatment - $85 (additional $25 for one week of herbs)
  • Chinese Medicine Followup Treatment - $70 
  • Accelerated Treatments -
    • Full Initial - $85 (additional $25 for one week of herbs)
    • Two Treatments in one week - $140 
  • Herbal Consultation Only - 
    • Initial Consultation - $55 (additional $25 for one week of herbs, includes followup via email)
    • Followup Herbal Consulation - $45 (additional $25 for one week of herbs, includes followup via email)
    • Refill of formula - $25 (one week of herbs)   
  • Additional arrangements possible depending on the circumstances

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  • We are currently completing paperwork to accept insurance. As of this time we are not accepting medical insurance. Please check back with us. We will update this section as soon as we have completed our applications.