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There are various ways to live one's life. Chinese Medicine opts to promote living in harmony with the natural world around us. The medicine has observed the natural world with great detail and operates on the assumption that our internal physiology is a reflection of the natural world. This philosophy can be applied in the clinical setting to help patients recover faster. Once a diagnosis is determined, a practitioner is able to suggest certain changes to further the healing process. A patient may benefit from a particular exercise, eating habit, sleep schedule, meditation practice, breathing technique, or simply relaxation. This list is too long to cover here; the important takeaway is that we are able to engage in bettering our health everyday in very simple ways. Chinese Medicine, because it is a complete medical system, offers lifestyle alterations for almost any conditions. Much of this is a result of its astute observations of the natural world and the changes that occur when factors shift. 

What are some examples of lifestyle modifications?

Examples of a few dietary lifestyle modifications:

  • Having a rhythm to your eating schedule 

  • Chewing your food well

  • "Kitchen closes at 7pm"

  • Eating with people you enjoy the company of

  • Refraining from working while eating

  • Eating until 75% full