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Herbal Formulas 

Chinese Herbal Formulas are combinations of natural ingredients in very specific ratios to treat a set of symptoms. Today, just as its been done for thousands of years, a set of symptoms matched with other clinical observations lead to a diagnosis. From this diagnosis, medicinals are prescribed in the exact combinations dating back thousands of years.


Unlike the dominant medical system, it is rare that people take medicine forever. Generally, you only take a formula when symptoms are presenting or have a tendency to present. With the guidance of a skilled practitioner, formulas are applied and modified as a patient transitions to greater health. Once health is achieved, it is common practice to stop consuming medicine.


At Hakimi Medicine, I always use raw herbs, powders and pills that are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, sulfur free, and have been tested for DDT, Hexachlorabenzene, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium and other contaminants. I only source from the most reliable and local sources who are concerned about the future of this medicine.    

Raw Herbs 

Most Chinese Herbal Formulas are prescribed with dried ingredients to get boiled into a tea. Patients are given multiple bags to soak, brew, and drink over the course of a set period of time. This method is the most effective delivery but the most time consuming. 

Brewing Procedure:

  • One bag can be used 2-3 times

  • Make sure you use clay, ceramic, or stainless steel to brew in

  • Always set a timer because its easy to forget

  • Generally consumed away from food

  1. Rinse one bag of herbs using colander

  2. Soak herbs in 6 cups of water for 20 minutes

  3. Bring to boil and then simmer with lid off for about 30-40 minutes or until 3 cups remain

  4. Strain Tea

  5. Drink a cup 3 times per day and warm the tea before drinking

  6. Store used herbs inside fridge until reboiled.

  7. You can boil a few days worth in a single day and store in the fridge. Don't store tea for more then 3 days.


Granulated Powders 

Granulated powders are very similar to instant coffee. Chinese herbs and formulas have been processed and concentrated into granulated powder to be brewed by simply adding hot water. This medium has become the modern alternative to raw herb formulas and generally has very high patient compliance. Therefore, it is generally how I start my patients off.    

Brewing Procedure:

  • 3 grams of powder added to 1/2-1 cup of hot water

  • Mix until all contents dissolve

  • If contents remain following consumption, add more hot water and drink the remains

Standard Dose:

  • 3 grams taken three times per day

  • Generally best taken away from food


Pills are used in modern practice. They are processed and concentrated to fit into tiny coated pills. They do not allow modification and therefore are the last resort in my clinic. However, there ease and portability cannot be matched. 

Standard Dose:

  • 8 pills taken three times per day


Alcohol liquid concentrates and tinctures are available in Chinese Medicine. These are manufactured by brewing herbs in water and then soaking in alcohol to extract the medicinal benefits. The scope of application of alcohol extracts is expanding due to their convenience. 

Standard Dose:

  • 3 pumps/droppers, 3-5 times per day

  • Take with some water to help absorption and reduce injury to tongue